Jessey's Passive Income Ideas

Passive Income Streams

Marketing is a fast-paced industry. Make sure to stay ahead of the curve by harnessing an effective solution that fits your specific needs. Have a look at my Affiliate Marketing Portfolio to learn how I can help and get in touch with any questions.


Coworking Space

Multiple Income Funnel

4 income streams in 1 funnel

The Multiple Income Funnel combines 4 different income streams that complement each other into one package that will be ran on autopilot for you.  Click the video below for more info.



Virtual marketing training

The Easy1up stream is the second income stream from the Multiple Income Funnel.  It is virtual training courses  with 6 levels of education.   Watch the video below for more info.





Ava is a virtual assistant that will automatically follow up leads with emails and text, as well as being an excellent lead generator.


Traffic Authority

PPC Biz Opp traffic

Traffic Authority is the the last passive income stream in Multiple Income Funnel. Traffic Authority provides the targeted PPC traffic (Biz OP). As well as allowing you to become an affiliate, allowing you to be able to provide targeted PPC traffic to other enterprises through them.